Bullying Sucks

Dated: 06/05/2018

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As adults we expect adults to act as adults and to be respectful of others. When we think about bullying or hear about it we think of kids in school or the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.  Of course this is where a majority of bullying happens, but it's not teenagers alone who suffer.  Many adults are bullied at work, at home and among friends.  As a woman and a people pleaser I understand what it feels like to be pushed around by other "adults".  It has happened in several of my romantic relationships and of course in places I've worked. I'm very grateful that I am currently in  a mutually respectful relationship and place of business but recently I was bullied by a friend. I was at a dinner party with several friends when one of them, who has been treated for anger management for several years, lashed out at me and bullied me.  I quickly left the dinner and was shocked not only because this had happened but also because no one stood up for me.  I had lots of texts and phone calls over the next couple of days from friends who were there, also shocked at what had happened. Many apologies for not standing up for me.  I was disappointed with them not standing up for me but also I understand that it was shocking to everyone.  No one knew what to do! We prepared our children and give them advice for situations like this but when it happens to us as adults we are all unaware of how to handle the situation. Maybe this should be something that we are talking about.


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